Laser Hair Removal Utrecht

Would you like to get rid of hair growth, without having to shave, wax, or tweeze weekly or even daily? Come to our clinic in Utrecht and experience the proven, pain-free Hyperpulse treatment for lasting hair removal. Suitable for all skin types, light or dark hair, for women and men, and for any area of the body. It is a comfortable treatment for legs, chest, and back, but also for that delicate skin around the pubic area. Hyperpulse uses very short, 5-minute sessions, and leaves no red spots or nicks, and no recoverytime. Areas that have been treated with Hyperpulse don’t ever have to be waxed, shaved, or tweezed again. Think of what you will save in time, cost, and comfort!

Hyperpulse is a gentle method of permanent depilation. The treatment area is gently heated, which shrivels the hair follicles, so that hair growth becomes a thing of the past. Surrounding tissue and skin remain completely intact, so no painful recovery time. Feel free to show off your hair-free skin immediately! Hyperpulse is the best, low-cost, and completely painless way of permanent hair removal for him & her. Our branch in Utrecht is open 5 days a week.

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Bodyhair is a definite no-go in our western culture, especially for women. A smooth body is seen as the ideal, not only for women, but men as well. Lots of people are busy waxing, tweezing, shaving, and suffering all the hassle that entails. Not only does it take a lot of time, especially if you are extra hairy, but it can also lead to many physical discomforts. When you wax, shave, or tweeze, ingrown hairs or existing cuts can lead to infections and pimples. Unpleasant and unattractive.

Tired of waxing or shaving weekly or daily, or spending hours tweezing away? Choose permanent hair removal! Choose Release Laser Clinic and be assured of a smooth and hairless body, forever. We use the quickest and most affordable method to get rid of unwanted hair. It’s possible on any area of the body, totally pain-free, and with exceptional results. While the hair follicles are targeted, surrounding tissue and skin is untouched, so there is no recovery time. A gentle treatment plan, designed to your wishes, for women and men, and even for sensitive skin.

  • No more pain from tweezing or waxing!
  • No more stubble and ingrown hairs!
  • No more razor-bumps with painful pimples and sore skin!
  • No more expensive razors, shaving creams, oils, and other junk!
  • Save time and money for more important things!

Permanent hair removal has never been so effective, quick and painless. Release Laser Clinic uses the most advanced technology: Hyperpulse One Glide, combining the best aspects of pre-existing laser systems and SHR (Super Hair Removal).

What makes the Hyperpulse method unique is the fact that the device is not applied in a back and forward rubbing motion, but in a single smooth glide along the skin surface. As it passes over the treatment area, it gently warms the skin and this heat energy is gradually passed on to the hair follicles. Once the follicles are heated sufficiently. They wither, and permanently stop producing hairs. Hyperpulse is a patented treatment method that has proved itself effective on practically any hair type.

Hyperpulse is 100% effective, quick, and painless, but there are even more advantages! The treatment time is a lot shorter than other methods. A session takes just 5 minutes and you hardly feel a thing. This method has been tried and tested successfully for three years in Germany and has shown to have a greater effect than other treatments, even on darker hair-types.

Back- and chest hair only needs a few treatments to be permanently helped, and because of its gentle way of removing hair. Hyperpulse is extremely suitable for the tender and sensitive skin of the pubic area. The treatment is a safe and there is no recovery time.

  • 100% pain-free, due to the ICE method
  • Quick and effective one-glide-technique
  • Suitable for all skin- and hair-types
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Suitable for women and men
  • Suitable for the whole body
  • Suitable for eliminating ingrown hairs and painful bumps
  • Treatment available any time of the year
  • Safest method
  • No recovery time
First 2 hoursYour skin may feel sensitive and warm to the touch, and be slightly more red immediately after the treatment. This may last up to 12 hours in some cases. Use Release Skin Active Super Gel at home to soothe and rehydrate your skin.
First 48 hours• Avoid hot baths. Luke-warm or cool is better.
Avoid the use of strongly-scented lotions soap and
exfoliating creams on the treated area.
Be cautious and avoid scrubbing the treated area.
Avoid overexposing the treated areas to the sun for the first 7 days. Use Release Skin Active Protect SPF 30+ sunscreen when going outdoors.
After 10 daysEnjoy the sunshine! But it is a good idea to keep using Release Skin Active Protect 30+ to protect your skin from damage and premature aging from the sun’s rays.
Next 1-3 weeksHair that was being produced deeper in the skin layer at the time of treatment will start to appear on the surface. This may feel like stubble.
Next 1-6 monthsHair follicles that were dormant during treatment were not treatment and may become active now. Plan your follow-up treatment within 1-2 weeks after you spot new hairgrowth.


6-10 sessions every 6-8 weeks


Depending on the area, 5-40 minutes


No recovery time