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Life isn't perfect, but your skin can be.


Our ProSkin treatments are perfect for anyone wanting to improve the condition of their skin. Whether you’re young or less young, have fair or dark skin, we have a tailored ProSkin treatment for every individual.

Do you suffer from aging skin, acne, pigmentation, sensitive skin (allergy, eczema, couperose, rosacea), dry skin or oily skin? With our treatments we can target these issues locally and effectively.

Dermalogica, the world’s number 1 professional skin care brand, guarantees a completely per-sonalized treatment with maximum effect. You will have noticed: the world around us is focused more and more on the individual. A one-size-fits-all facial treatment is a thing of the past. People expect a treatment tailored to them, to their wishes and needs.

With the ProSkin treatments by Dermalogica we design a completely personalized treatment, tailored to you. Whether you’re a busy, working parent wanting a quick pick-me-up treatment or someone look-ing for a longer moment of relaxation. We adjust the therapy to the lifestyle, diary, skin condition, and wishes of our clients.

The tailor-made ProSkin treatments last 30 or 60 minutes (or longer, if desired). This therapy is revolutionary because it allows us, as skin therapists, to continuously adjust treatment on the basis of the consultation and the FaceMapping skin analysis.

Thanks to the unique, modular approach based on science and expertise, Dermalogica ProSkin 30/60 allows us to optimize the condition and treatment of your skin.

Dermalogica believes that knowing your skin is the first step to improving your skin. That is why we make use of the unique concept of Face Mapping.

Face Mapping is a thorough skin analysis, whereby the face is divided into zones. Each zone is carefully assessed, so that the condition of the skin is mapped per zone. This makes it possible to treat your skin effectively and selectively with Dermalogica. We conduct this skin analysis free of charge and you are always welcome for advice, without any obligation. You will receive a personal Skin Fitness Plan with product- and treatment advice when you come for a Face Mapping session.

We recommend that you have your facial skin analyzed every season. Weather conditions change, as does your skin condition and needs! It may, for example, be necessary in the summer to change from products with a fuller structure to a lighter product. Some periods of the year may also require more frequent boosters or masks in order to replenish the skin’s hydration.

FaceFit is Dermalogica’s 10-minute treatment, for a quick boost to your skin. This treatment is focused on one new product or theme (e.g. hydration or exfoliation). During this treatment our skin specialist may use retail products as well as professional-only products. They will also give you personalized tips and application tips for home use.

ProSkin 30 is a personalized 30-minute skin-therapy session targeting the most pressing skin issue (the most important skin-focus) you have and focussed on a specific zone or condition, re-quiring extra attention.

This treatment is ideal for those clients wanting to give their skin that extra attention, while being a bit pressed for time. Or for those wanting to target a specific issue, in between two ProSkin 60 sessions.

ProSkin 60 is a personalized 60 minute Dermalogica treatment, completely tailored to achieve and maintain healthy skin.

This treatment is ideal for those clients looking for an extensive, fully tailored experience that fo-cuses on treating any possible skin issue.


Every 2-3 weeks


Depending on the area, 15-60 minutes


No recovery time



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