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Acne treatment with laser

You’ve looked at all the information and read every magazine article you can find, and still can’t find an effective acne treatment that works. Or maybe you did find something, only to realize the effects didn’t last.

The list of types of acne is long, the list of treatments with medicine or cosmetics seems endless – unfortunately so are the side-effects. Many treatments fail or are not long-lasting.

Release Laser Clinic is equipped with the newest technologies and advanced treatment solutions to tailor an acne treatment specifically to your needs. We are positive that you will be pleased with the results and regain the self-confidence you deserve.

  • • An even complexion, and an overall clearer complexion.
  • • Closed pores.
  • • Decrease and elimination of acne
  • • Cleared black-heads
  • • Minimized blotches, pigment spots, acne scars, and other redness.
  • • An evenly and naturally improved complexion.


Acne is a skin condition that manifests in infected sebaceous glands, red pustules, oily skin and open pores. It is caused by bacteria on the skin, mostly in the facial area. Other affected areas may be the neck, shoulders, back, and chest. It is common with adolescents, but can affect adults too, especially women. A number of factors can contribute to the occurrence of acne, such as hormones, genes, stress and lifestyle, and it isn’t unusual for these symptoms to start in adult life (mid-20s to mid-40s). Discontinuation of certain medicines, like the contraceptive pil, may also cause or worsen outbreaks of acne.


Prescription medicines can help control acne and suppress visible symptoms, but you should be cautious in taking them, since they don’t treat the root of the problem. After discontinuing the medication, symptoms can flare up again, often more so than before. They are a temporary solution that will not treat the cause of your acne.

Release Laser Clinic’s tailored Acne-programs work on treating the underlying cause and the visible esthetic symptoms at the same time. Our program increases the chances that you acne problems are treated over the long-term, instead of a quick, temporary solution.


It’s a bit difficult to say, because everyone has different requirements and different problematic areas. Some of our clients saw the desired results after 4 weeks of treatment; sometimes it may take 20 weeks, depending on the program that is suited to your situation. It is important to realize that rushing treatment or taking short-cuts will probably decrease your success rate of long-term results.

Our staff at Release Laser Clinic strive for the same goal as you – your happiness! You can rest assured that we are here to make sure that you see the best results!

At Release Laser Clinic you always start with a personal consultation. This is where we explain what you can expect, how the treatment works and what the conditions are for a treatment. Naturally, any specific wishes from your side will be discussed during this consultation.

Before treatment the skin will be carefully cleaned. If needed, dead skin cells will be carefully removed using a peeling, to optimally prepare the skin for the treatment.

The skin is tested in order to establish the optimal treatment-energy. The treatment is a quick and relatively painless process, in which the Hyperpulse handpiece glides over a thin layer of gel on your skin. Redness of the skin during the therapy is normal and needed.

The special light of the Hyperpulse reacts with the porfyrine in the infected sebaceous glands. After the light is absorbed and the area is heated locally, oxygen-radicals are formed to tackle the bacteria. This has a positive effect on the infection and soothes the skin. The skin is visibly cleaner. The treatment must be repeated at regular intervals.

First 2 hours Only wash the treated area with cold or lukewarm water. Avoid using strongly scented lotions, soap or exfoliating creams. Be careful and avoid scrubbing the skin. If you have to use make-up, only use mineral-based make-up.
First 24 hours Your skin can still be a bit sensitive and reddish. Avoid AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acid) or vitamine A products, swimming pools, spas, and excessive sweating. Use Release Active Super Gel to soothe the skin.
24 to 48 hours Keep using Release Active Protect SPF 50+ sunscreen daily, to protect skin from sun damage and premature aging.
48 hours+ This is a general guide for aftercare. Details depend on the treatment you receive.


3-6 treatments every 2-4 weeks


Depending on the area, 15-45 minutes


Redness for 24 hours


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