With our state-of-the art laser treatments, we can perform an entire treatment in as little as 5 minutes. Hair grows apart in cycles of several weeks. Per treatment, the hair present at the time are permanently lasered away. The hair follicles in which no hairs are visible at that time are lasered in subsequent treatments. After a few sessions, you will find that you remain completely hair-free. In short, laser hair removal results in smooth, hair-free and beautiful skin.

Laser hair removal in Nijmegen is possible for all hair, skin types and body parts (e.g. armpits, legs, belly, bikini line). The treatments are effective for both men and women.

Painless and effective laser hair removal in Nijmegen

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Hair on your body? A smooth body is seen as the ideal, not only for women, but men as well. Lots of people are busy waxing, tweezing, shaving, and suffering all the hassle that entails. Unfortunately, these are not the easiest ways to remove hair. Many people experience this as painful and time-consuming, if your hair grows quickly, this is of course not nice. Inflammation can also develop more quickly.

That you do not feel like shaving daily / weekly, we understand very well at RLC. Our treatments are painless and don’t take much time. We help you with permanent hair removal d.v.m. different laser treatments. Our treatments are completely tailored to your wishes and body, our specialists are ready to answer all your questions.

  • • Pain from waxing or tweezing is history.
  • • Stubble, razor bumps, ingrown hairs? Won’t be seeing them again. Won’t be seeing them again.
  • • No more spending money on expensive razors, shaving cream and other products!
  • • More time for you to spend on fun and important things!

We use Hyperpulse technology, this involves gliding over the treatment area only once, instead of rubbing back and forth. This treatment is unique and very advanced, giving you an incredible result and making it impossible for the hair follicles to produce new hairs.

How long is one session? Only 5 minutes! This is considerably faster than other laser methods. This method has been tried and tested very successfully in Germany over the last 3 years. Even if your skin is extremely sensitive this method is suitable for you.

  • • ICE method allows for 100% pain-free hair removal.
  • • Quick and effective.
  • • No recovery time necessary.
  • • For women and men.
  • • Treatments available any time of year.
  • • Effective for all skin- and hair types.
  • • No red bumps or ingrown hairs.
First 2 hours Your skin may feel sensitive and warm to the touch, and be slightly more red immediately after the treatment. Use Release Skin Active Super Gel at home to soothe and rehydrate your skin.
First 48 hours • Avoid hot baths. Luke-warm or cool is better. • Avoid the use of strongly-scented lotions, soap and exfoliating creams on the treated area.
• Be cautious and avoid scrubbing the treated area.
exfoliating creams on the treated area.
Be cautious and avoid scrubbing the treated area.
Avoid overexposing the treated areas to the sun for the first 7 days. Use Release Skin Active Protect SPF 30+ sunscreen when going outdoors.
After 10 days You can enjoy the sun again but it is advisable to apply Release Skin Active Protect SPF 30+ sunscreen every day to prevent sun damage and aging of your skin.
Next 1-3 weeks Hair that was being produced deeper in the skin layer at the time of treatment will start to appear on the surface. This may feel like stubble.
Next 1-6 months Hair follicles that were dormant during treatment were not treatment and may become active now. Plan your follow-up treatment within 1-2 weeks after you spot new hairgrowth.


6-10 sessions every 6-8 weeks


Depending on the area, 5-40 minutes


No recovery time