Lifetime guarantee


Release Laser Clinic offers a full warranty on all laser hair removal packages of eight treatments. We are proud to stand behind our service and our customers feel comfortable knowing that when purchasing a package of laser hair removal treatments, they can be assured of results.

We have confidence in our equipment, our training process and the experience of our specialists. Most customers are satisfied after eight treatments and achieve an average of 80% – 90% hair reduction after 8 treatments. Most customers are satisfied after eight treatments and achieve an average of 80% – 90% hair reduction after 8 treatments.

If you buy a package of eight treatments + Lifetime guaranteeย and think you need additional treatments to get better results, you will receive 50% off the normal price for a single treatment on all additional treatments. received for life!
This is a lifetime guarantee. Even if you get great results and need a maintenance treatment or two years later, your treatments will always have a 50% discount.

Lasers are not effective against white or grey hair, or hairfuzz, and most people have various hair types. Laser technology will give 80-90% permanent reduction of hair growth after 8 treatments. 100% permanent hair removal is impossible to guarantee, and no clinic could guarantee that.

Some clients may report 100% hair removal, but some clinics give people false hope by guaranteeing this for all their clients. We advise you to read our reviews and the reviews of other providers and to make use of our free consultation. We will give you a personal skin assessment, discuss your skin type, and answer all your questions.

  • Choose a laser treatment package of 8 treatments.
  • Choose a lifetime warranty during consultation and receive aย discountย on the price for the warranty.
  • Finish all 8 treatments in your package within the scheduled time (4-8 weeks).
  • If you are not completely satisfied with the results, or feel you need extra treatments, you receive a ontharingspakketten 50% discount on our normal price for one treatment.
  • This offer is also for our clients who need longer lasting
    maintenance treatment.
  • According to the individual, most clients need about 8 treatments to achieve the great results of 80%-90% reduction of hair growth, while some achieve 100% for life.

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? Our specialists can help you in advance and are happy to provide you with personal advice.