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Couperose and Rosacea

Couperose are small, visible blood-filled capillaries just below the surface of the skin. These are veins that have lost the properties of contracting again. So they expand through the skin in a way that is clearly visible, as a single vein, or simply as redness of the skin. The main causes of rosacea are genetics, connective tissue weakness, pregnancy, hormones, increasing age or too much sun.
Fortunately, there is a quick, simple, safe, and economical solution to eliminate unwanted redness and blotchy skin with treatments at Release Laser Clinic. The treatment with the light of the Hyperpulse mainly warms the vessels and lightens the red skin, while strengthening the connective tissue.

Couperose should not be confused with varicose veins. These cannot be treated with Hyperpulse!

Rosacea starts with red blotches on the face, which stretches from the sides of the cheeks to the nose, forehead and chin. The next stage is zits, bumps and swelling, followed by water retention. There are periods of outbreak and remission. While there is no known permanent cure, the condition can be contained and controlled by our clinically trained therapists.

The Hyperpulse uses various wavelengths of light to treat the swollen blood vessels in the affected areas of the face. That which causes Rosacea absorbs this light, as it were, and cleanses the redness causing particles. The superficial veins are warmed and can become lighter in color, causing the redness in the skin to fade.

Regular treatments at the Release Laser Clinic can help keep your symptoms under control.

At Release Laser Clinic you always start with a personal consultation. This is where we explain what you can expect, how the treatment works and what the conditions are for a treatment. Naturally, any specific wishes from your side will be discussed during this consultation.


The skin is tested in order to establish the optimal treatment-energy. With this treatment, 1-2 pulses of light are released into the treatment area. The redness will appear darker or may disappear completely. This may be an immediately visible effect or happen with some delay.



The treatment is not painful, although some clients feel a light pinching feeling.




Your skin will feel strengthened and pure, and will beam and gleam thanks to the newly exposed skin cells. Light peeling is normal a few days after your first treatment, so avoid exfoliating scrubs or lotions before and at least for 3 days after the treatment. Also avoid exposing your new skin to sunlight or tanning beds.



The results for the treatment for Couperose or Rosacea will gradually become visible over 3-6 treatments. Most clients experience an overall decrease of about 75%, although results may vary according to skin type.

First 2 hours Your skin may feel warm to the touch, be slightly sensitive, and appear more reddish. Use Release Super Active Gel to soothe the skin, at home. Only wash the treated area with cold or lukewarm water. Avoid the use of strongly-scented lotions, soap or exfoliating creams. Be careful and avoid scrubbing. If you must use make-up, be sure to only use mineral-based make-up.
First 24 hours Avoid overly hot or cold water. Avoid strongly-scented lotions or soap, exfoliating creams and scrubs. Avoid pinching or scratching the skin. Use Release Active Protect SPF50+ sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.
24 to 72 hours

If pigmentation spots or freckles were present on the treatment area, these will become darker and disappear over 1-3 weeks. Don’t scrape them off!

While your skin is still red…

•   Avoid the use of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) or vitamine-A products.

•   Avoid swimming pools or spas with chemicals / chlorine.

•   Avoid activities that cause much perspiration.

3 days+ Remember to apply your Release Active Protect 50+ sunscreen every day to protect your skin from the sun’s rays to avoid repeat damage.


2-4 treatments every 2-4 weeks


Afhankelijk van het gebied, 5-40 minuten


24 hours of redness