About us

Release Laser Clinic is a respected clinic with results that speak for themselves. We can guarantee that you will be happy with our services, because they have been repeatedly proven to work.

Release Laser Clinic uses the most advanced depilation technology on the market for 100% painless, quick, and safe hair removal – the HYPERPULSE. Our arsenal of various technologies make it possible to determine which treatment will work best on your skin, so that a tailor-made treatment program can garner the very best results for each individual client!

What’s more, all our staff and specialists aim to make sure that your session takes place in a safe, comfortable, and effective way. At Release Laser Clinic you will only be served by properly trained therapists. Our laser specialists highly value client safety and quality of treatment.

If you are looking for the best solution to permanently remove unwanted hair, you have come to the right place!

  • We are the only clinic specialized specifically in permanent depilation and skin enhancement.
  • Our treatments are 100% pain-free and effective.
  • Only trained specialists with active experience can work at Release Laser Clinic.
  • We are equipped with the fastest and most effective hair removal technology in the world.
  • Information and consultation is free of charge or obligation.

At Release Laser Clinic we use the latest developments in laser and light technology for permanent hair removal and skin enhancement. We owe our stellar reputation to our incredible staff, who undergo intensive, extended, specialist training in laser operation, safety, and skin assessment.

We know that you will see the results you seek after consultation and treatment by one of our highly trained and experienced specialists. At Release Laser Clinic we personalize your treatment and tailor it to your needs and skin type.

Experience the difference in results after a visit to our clinic.

Take advantage of 20 years experience in developing laser and light technology and try the quickest and most effective hair removal machine in the world at Release Laser Clinic – the HYPERPULSE!

No more hour-long sessions with this new technology – come by before work or in your lunch-break and have your whole body seen to.

In order to offer our clients the most effective and yet the quickest treatment, we are the only clinic in the world that uses Hyperpulse – featuring the newest technology concerning hair removal and skin enhancement. During a first – free – consultation, we create a personal treatment protocol for you, based on your skin type and desired treatment area. We are happy to advise you and help you determine the best treatment for the best results.


Release Laser Clinic uses the most advanced technology for permanent depilation on the market today: Hyperpulse One Glide. Hyperpulse combines the best features of previous laser systems and SHR (Super Hair Removal).


Hyperpulse One Glide is further developed version of the well-known SHR-method. But, instead of rubbing back and forth over the treatment area, as happens with SHR, the Hyperpulse moves across the skin in one smooth motion. The treatment energy is gradually transferred to the hair follicles and the skin is gently warmed. As the follicles are heated to the clinically required temperature, they cease being able to produce new hair permanently. This patented method is much more effective than other treatments and is able to remove virtually any type of hair.


The Hyperpulse-method has been successfully put to use in more than a hundred clinics and institutes throughout Germany over the last three years. Hyperpulse has proven to be more effective than other treatment methods, for dark as well as fair hair. The client barely feels the treatment. Another great benefit is that the treatment time is much shorter than with other methods.


Hair removal with the Hyperpulse One Glide only takes five minutes per treatment session. Unsightly and unwanted hair growth, on the upper body – chest or even back – is history after only a couple of sessions. If we’re talking about the pubic area – where the skin is sensitive and tender – it’s good to know that this method is an extremely gentle way of depilation.